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Monday, 10 February 2014

Bricks and Martyrs

It has taken so long to build these walls. 

Walls that are built upon foundations a hundred million dead bodies deep. Each new brick carefully laid to rest like a lost loved one; fortified by unshakeable faith and cemented together with the mortar of martyrs.

And walls like these cannot be pulled down overnight.

You cannot hope to simply knock them down by attacking them. They are too big and steadfast they will remain impassive. Nor can you kill their constructors. They are too numerous and those you fail to kill will redouble their efforts with renewed vigour to maintain them, strengthened by the souls of the murdered.

No, they will only begin to collapse when the faith of each individual mason has been eroded away from within. When they themselves choose to renounce the wall support, remove their own bricks and toss them disdainfully into skips of scepticism.

And it will take a long time, as with all great walls, for enough bricks to be removed, before we all finally crumble into atheism.