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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Great British Weather

As a photographer who loves to work outdoors, I feel privileged to live and work in the UK for one reason above all other; the weather!

It is a decidedly British thing to moan about the weather and especially our lack of sunshine but I think we have got it lucky. Sure it would be nice to have a slightly longer and more intense summer but for me, this is a small price to pay if it means we get to keep our four distinct seasons.

Personally, I feel the length and variation of the seasons in the UK are perfect. Just as I start to yearn for something different at the end of each 3 month period, a new season ‘springs’ into effect, bringing its own unique beauty and change. If I lived in a part of the world with only a wet and a dry season (or worse still, the same climate all year around) I really would feel I was missing out.

There are countless challenges and experiments to have fun with when taking photographs in the changing climate of our country and I have to say I find it difficult to choose a favourite. The dawn chorus of spring, summer nights, autumn twilight or winter mornings; each create their own inimitable feeling and mood and I love taking photographs in each. 

Rain, wind, snow, frost, mist or fog can all be more exciting than the sun, all of them bringing their distinctive colours and conditions to your photography – not to mention the different flora and fauna on offer in each part of the year.

So next time you find yourself moaning about the weather – get out there and embrace it instead – and you might find yourself surprised at how much you enjoy it.