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Saturday, 7 September 2013

In Defence of England

In a recent travellers vote I participated in, I found I was not allowed to vote for England as 'Best European Country'? Reason; it couldn't be classed a 'travelling'.

So allow me to state my case here instead.

England has some of the most fantastic cities, towns and countryside in all of Europe. We have such a relatively small country, most of which can be reached in a long weekend and yet us English all too often turn up our noses and turn our backs to it, in search of better lands.

Let me give you a few examples; London! The Cotswolds! The Lakes! The Peaks! Cornwall! Northumberland!

Coastlines, castles, cream teas, countryside, pubs, history that cannot be rivalled in any other European country. Just read Shakespeare's Richard II Royal Throne of Kings speech if you don’t believe me!

Not to mention the fact we also leave most other countries in our wake when it comes to infrastructure, transport, tourist info and healthcare, all of which are largely overlooked but can be so important when booking a holiday.

Yes, for some reason we very often think the grass is greener overseas - but let me tell you - I've been to Devon and it's not!